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Holmes High School Class of 1954
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Marching Song (PEP) Song
Words by Dorothy Stephens

Let's join our hands in friendship's golden ring,
And put our hearts' love in the song we sing---
A song of honor to our dearest friend,
A song of loyalty that will not ever end.
We love the crimson and we love the white;
We pledge ourselves to keep her honor bright;
We proudly cheer her name with all our might---all our might!
Holmes High School!
Go Bulldogs

Eighty Sixth Annual Commencement Program

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We have lost contact with the following classmates.
If anyone has information please contact Danny Salter!

1. Beverly Archey - Mrs Paul Anglin
2. Barabra Austin
3. Henrietta Bresch Mobley
4. Carol Cammett
5. James Cook
6. Jim Donley
7. Tom Edmonds
8. Nancy Gill
9. John Henges
10. Harold Highley
11. Allen Hodges
12. Charles Hopkins
13. Alberta Horn Borne
14. Charles Jackson
15. Janice Jennings
16. Ruth Kennedy - Mrs Ruth King
17. Joyce Ann Lyons - Mrs Donald Miller
18. Robert Martin
19. Joyce Lee Parker King
20. Marty Ridener
21. Cherie Ann Tate
22. John Thames
23. Ruth Wilhoyte

Music by Oscar T. Schmidt; Words by Dorothy Stephens

True blue as the blue of Kentucky's skies,
And strong with the strength of her ancient hills,
We are bound to old Holmes in loyal ties,
And deep in our hearts her dear name thrills.
Dear Holmes, theres a pride in our hearts for thee---
A love that the years will not take away,
A love that will live in our memory---
Dear Holmes, the love we pledge today.

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